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Some companies succeed with sales channels and others donít.  Developing a sales channel begins with finding distribution that fits your product. Then there are agreements concerning distribution terms. But an agreement does not infer success. There is the unwritten part of the relationship that says you will do your part so they can do theirs.

There are two differing attitudes about sales channels, they cost too much and cut into profits however the other side of the coin is that the distributors are the customers and should be constantly sold on the return on investment for selling your product. We take that second position. Getting the most from a sales channel means developing a trusting relationship with your distributors.

One issue that determines how much share of mind your company gets from distributors has to do with their fear of embarrassment. A professional salesman wants to go back for repeat business, but canít do that if they have been embarrassed. We can help you develop your sales channels and fine tune their effectiveness, with clear honest product information that can be shown to customers with confidence.


Whether your company is just starting out or is established, please accept our no-charge invitation to meet with you to discuss your sales and marketing needs.


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